Easy Glide: onmisbare middeltjes

The Easy Glide brand is a well-known name when it comes to 'accessories'. Whoever brings sex toys to their home or simply wants to make love more comfortably, will undoubtedly find a solution in the Easy Glide range. We are specifically talking about lubricant and toycleaner. With the lubricants you do your partner and yourself a great pleasure, but of course the same applies to the detergent that is specifically intended for sex toys. With the latter means you ensure that your toy is thoroughly cleaned after use and hygienically ready for the next turn. That gives you peace of mind, both for you and your partner.

Free Shipping

The products of Easy Glide are competitively priced. It is therefore good to know that the shipping costs € 4.95. However, we will cancel this amount if you spend in our web store for € 35.00 or more. So please continuous shopping: we are the largest web store for gays in the Benelux and offer everything from condoms to men's lingerie to vibrators. You are guaranteed to find a toy or accessory with which you can give your sex life and that or your partner an extra dimension. Paying online is easy, because we give you the choice of more than 10 secure payment methods.

Easy Glide slips discreetly into your letterbox

Once you have paid for your order, our warehouse employees immediately take action. They order pick the products you have chosen and pack them securely. For that they use a blank envelope or package that you cannot look through. Nobody knows what's in it and nobody knows where it comes from, because we don't put the sender on it. This way your order will discreetly slide into your letterbox. If he doesn't fit in, the postman will ring and slide it into your hands.